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for good.

We are a branding studio that help businesses become the best version of themselves.

With emotional resonance being at the core of all that we do, we partner with businesses to build authentic and humane brands.

We believe that every organization has its own authentic persona, shaped by its own people, market and culture. As designers, we craft tools, resources and systems, custom suited for each organisation, to uncover that persona and release its hidden potential.

Our Expertise
Brand & Product Innovation

Giving wings to brands, products & platforms.

Working with businesses at crucial moments of reinvention and growth, we help leaders change and charge their business, their teams, and themselves.

We start every project by bringing teams closer to their customers because we believe that it is human connect that keeps businesses relevant. With this, we create beloved end-to-end experiences for customers and employees alike.

Using the innovative method of archetypal branding, we try to understand your brand's psyche to create your unique brand character. The rest of our process involves developing that character, to make it as human as possible.

Value Proposition, Innovation Platforms, Brand Strategy & Architecture, Increased Capabilities, Business Design.

Service & Experience design

Redefining Branding: Designing Ecosystems, Experiences, and Services.

We don't just brand products. Today the scope of branding has been broadened to extend to ecosystems, services and experiences.

Everything that can be marketed needs an unique identity. A relatable identity which is already present in what you do and how you do.

We just help you unearth that identity. No matter if you have a service to offer, an experience to provide or an ecosystem to build, we've got your back.

Experience Design, Visual & Verbal Identity, Service Innovation, Product Design, Prototyping, Innovation Pipelines.


Presenting the Humanities of Branding and Marketing.

Branding is all about honesty and authenticity. For successful branding it is essential to not just put on a mask for the outer world, since at some point or the other, one or the other of your stakeholder will fail to put up the charade.

We believe that the end goal of any branding exercise is to align the company's goals to the goal of the end user or customer.

That is what changes the way we understand marketing. It is more than just your SEO. Your business goals and customer motivations define your persona and the consistency of your persona is what makes brands that people love and relate to.

Innovation Events | Brand Amplification

Organisation culture

It all begins inside your workplace, with your co-workers

Your organization lies at the heart of your business. It is therefore only natural to begin our work right there.

Branding your organization and building a consistent organizational culture is just as important, if not more important than, branding your particular business.

Most of the answers to your problems lie right there. Because if there is anyone who spends as much time of the day for your business as yourself, it would be your co-worker. And so it is of utmost importance that they look at your business the same way you do.

Culture Audit | Culture Definition | Culture Adaptations

Our Team
Consider us Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Don't let our youthful vibes fool you. We are a bunch of creative souls who are super-talented, hyper-focused and epic fun.
Creator:Thrives in the joy of creating something new
Thrives in the joy of creating something new
Yuv Raj Poosarla Director, Business
The Jester, lives in the moment and just enjoy life
Ram Sunkara Director, Creative
Explorer, Enjoys freedom, adventure and discovery
Abhishek Sanjapogu Brand design
Explorer, Enjoys freedom, andventure and discovery
Akhil Reddy Sura Graphic Design
Sage, The Perfectionist in constant search of truth
Abhijeet Thomas Kurian Illustration
The Magician, Wise and reflective with the power to create
Aakriti Prasad Account Manager
The Explorer, Enjoys freedom, adventure and discovery
Shreya Nalla Content Writer
Sage, The Perfectionist in constant search of truth
Dhruti Kalavapudi Content Writer
The creator, Thrives in the joy of creating something new
Pradeep Shankar Animator
The Explorer, Enjoys freedom, adventure and discovery
The Explorer, Enjoys freedom, adventure and discovery
Swati Parge Interaction Developer
Our Initiatives
We believe in doing something more, always.
As individuals and as a company, we take up various projects of different ranges: from making short documentary films to setting up our own ecommerce craft business, Dhaaga, our child of love and passion.
Dhaaga is all about making traditional art more relevant.
We started Dhaaga to connect today's urban online consumers to the rich world of traditional Indian handicrafts.

Our core purpose is to put out art to the larger world and to make traditional Indian art forms relevant for our times.

With a stock of over 1000 pieces, spanning 6 different folk art forms, our efforts so far have been to create a mixed bag of conventional mythological pieces along with crafts which capture the nuances of rural Indian culture. With the eminent expansion of the digital buyers into semi-urban and rural India, our vision is to create modern artefacts using folk art forms in the near future, thereby connecting the different market segments.
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