Adding a touch of love to a patisserie brand

To reposition the Jarlie brand as a premium patisserie product, accessible online & offline.
We rebranded Jarlie as a luxury brand that evokes sensuousness to highlight its premium positioning.
Presenting a jar full of irresistible love
As part of the rebranding, we not only produced brand and marketing collaterals for Jarlie but also changed the packaging and proportion to reflect the brand story that we created. Since one of the rudimentary objective was to launch the brand offline, this also included kiosk design at the shopping malls.
Decoding the DNA
Customers couldn't connect
The client wanted to sell premium patisserie in a jar but the brand design failed to inspire people to opt for the product. We needed to give people a reason to pay a premium price for the product even before they tasted it.
The concept was new in the market where people were still used to walking into local mid-range bakeries for confectionaries.
Brand Manager

Jarlie started as a local brand targeted at the Hyderabad market which was already teeming with several mid-range but famous confectionary brands besides some niche premium patisserie stores. When the client came to us, the product was still being exclusively sold online and in supermarkets and they were on the verge of launching their first offline store. The challenge was to not only to make the brand relatable to the customers but also to create a distinct brand identity to seal that relation.

Prepping Up

Taking the French route

That was the first thought that came to our minds when we thought of premium desserts. It took us little time to then convert the product from being called ‘fine dessert’ to ‘patisserie’.

Once this was set in our mind, the challenge was to sit down with our clients to come up with a convincing archetype. Sweet tooth and guilty pleasure go hand in hand and we just had to exploited the stereotype. So when the client chose the ‘lover’ archetype and we added a pinch of sensuousness.

This was to be a brand that people couldn’t resist.

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Brand Sprint
What would one want in a lover?
While this is a million dollar question in general, we spent hours in identifying the most common traits that are most sought for in a lover. This being a brand catering to a wide range of millennials among its customers, we finally zeroed upon that what is rare in their lives. Style, elegance and grace reminiscent of haute couture fashion became our inspiration.
Brand Strategy
The elusive nature of love
While building the brand story in terms of the design and the content, we wanted to retain the word ‘love’ is some way or the other.
With that, we also wanted to communicate that this love was not like mother’s love, easily available. This was the most elusive form of love, the love of the person of your dreams. The path to that love is a secret, a secret which we had carefully unfolded and added to the recipe of the product.
Thus was born the brand story: The secret ingredient is always love.
A lover archetype can have various aspects. It can be about family, community or an individual. Jarlie was an individual you would desire.
Visual Identity
A handcrafted identity
After scraping multiple ideas during the brand sprint, we were finally down to two routes, the first of them involving the use of two ‘J’s, knotted together, forming the symbol of love. Despite its visual appeal, this route was voted out due to its simplicity since we were looking for an identity that would be titillating and not sweet.
This is where the final design route won. It had a hand-crafted font, inspired by the Quincho Script, which meticulously captured elegance, craftsmanship & intimacy, etched on a classic label which created a trustworthy base. Replacing the dot on the ‘i’ of Jarlie with a love sign was an added touch of love, literally.
The first logo had a smart look, which could work with the millennials. But this one was something everybody would love with a classic French charm.
Packaging Design
Hard to Miss, Harder not to Pick
We not only added a handcrafted monogram to the glass jars in which the product came, we also made the client increase the amount of the product to make it reasonable for the premium pricing. Then there were the added jackets to add volume to the package, our challenge being making the packages easy to spot in the supermarkets.
Sales Increased
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A jar of Jarlie had finally become a thing to cherish. And post the rebranding, our supermarket pickup rate went up to 40%.
Founder, Jarlie Foods
Kiosk Design
Adding some noise for good
While designing the kiosk we were faced with a real challenge. With every aspect of the design following a neat structure with predominant use of pastel shades, there was the danger that the kiosk could evoke a sense of monotony. To avoid this, we decided to break all the rules in the menu section, creating a noisy cluttered backdrop with just the typography of the brand story. It was a representation of 'love is in the air'. Over this piece of noise element, the alluring logo of Jarlie stood out, in an intimate red colour, as if standing out in a crowd.

#Jarsof Love

When launching the first kiosk it was imperative that we made some noise. To this end, we crafted a digital campaign called #JarsofLove. The jar in which the Jarlie dessert comes in is made of glass and is reusable. We used this to our advantage as the spirit of DIY crafts was then storming the internet. We asked people to make something with the jars, pot a plant or make a candle, and share their craft online with #JarsofLove.

After the rebranding, the first ever offline store of Jarlie was set up in Forum Mall, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

Do pay a visit and experience our hand-crafted love in person.

A jar of Jarlie is impossible to resist thanks to the incredible packaging. The jars can be recycled to make so many things! For now, it really gives a fancy look to the spice shelf.
Padmini K Customer