A Fitness Brand With A Difference

To come up with a compelling brand narrative for CrossFit Mend along with a visual identity to support it.
We were successful in creating a unique brand image and a comprehensive brand culture for CrossFit Mend.
Giving CrossFit an 'Innocent' Twist
It was about branding an official CrossFit affiliate box called CrossFit Mend. Through a 5-day design sprint that involved a thorough investigation of the brand’s needs, limitations and challenges, we created a distinct visual identity and a supporting brand narrative to support the 'innocent' archetype.
Decoding the DNA
"It's all about strength and community"
The client was of a strong opinion that the USP of CrossFit in general and CrossFit Mend in particular was the sense of community it wanted to evoke among its practitioners. As an official affiliate of the international CrossFit brand, he wanted to create a brand that offers scientific fitness solution for all.
CrossFit Mend is a new product in a mature fitness market and my only aim for starting Mend was to help people move better.
Founder, CrossFit Mend

CrossFit Mend being an affiliate brand of a well-established brand, we needed to maintain a balance between the two brand narratives. While CrossFit itself was a fairly new concept in the market, despite having two existing affiliate brands, we needed to ensure that our branding should at once speak about CrossFit while building an unique culture for CrossFit Mend.

Prepping Up

The More Ideas, the Merrier!

We began with setting ourselves an aim, putting forth our assumptions, charting an average customer profile and outlining our challenges.
The idea was to try to come up with so many ideas that we run out of any bad or mediocre ones.

Coaches met
Stickes Used
Boxes Visited
Hours Spent
Brand Sprint
5 Days, 10 Minds and Hours of Debate & Discussion
The journey was long and winding. With a self-imposed deadline breathing on our shoulders, we made sure that by the end of the week, we had two concrete prototypes to test-run among the target group.
Brand Strategy
What would the customer relate to?
Choosing the right brand archetype was the biggest challenge. Keeping in mind that most of the people choosing CrossFit Mend would possibly belong to the ‘explorer’ archetype, we decided to find an archetype for the brand which the customers would relate to.

After much deliberation (and ceremonious walk outs), we zeroed in on 'innocent'. It was intriguing, challenging and tickled our adventurous bone right away!
It was no doubt a bold choice. But we were certain of it. And our extensive sprint sessions gave us enough ammunition to logically justify what we were doing.
Content Head
Visual Identity
The Strength of CrossFit with the Warmth of Mend
While the fitness industry in general and the global CrossFit brand in particular is usually partial towards a strong visual identity, we felt the rounded composition of the innocent archetype would create a great balance and a unique presence. This would also in turn serve in highlighting our client’s belief in the communitarian brand culture.
Thoughts Sketches Stickies
The idea was to create a balance. We had the precondition of using the existing CrossFit brand logo, so we tried to build an identity which will create contrast but not contradict.
Fun. Vibrant. Happy.
We used illustrations to evoke the innocence in the brand archetype. True to the archetype, they are fun, vibrant and happy with a style that mimics the cartoons of yesteryears.

A style that will make the millennials remember their childhood.
Cultural Practices
We move better when we move together, ain't it?
The client aimed at helping people move better. Add to that the warmth of the people helping each other work out together, and you have the perfect recipe to create a unique fitness culture where people move better because they move together.
CX Definition
Where the science of movement meets the heart of a community
For a brand offering a fitness regime that is all about functionality, we wanted CrossFit Mend to stand apart from the rest.
So we added a little touch of heart. Now at CrossFit Mend, at the heart of everything is the sense of camaraderie which the brand aims to inculcate among its fitness community.

Mend takes things a notch higher in terms of daily workout. A place like Mend and a trainer like Sandy help us scale up gradually and push more boundaries. The culture at Mend is more about community than about numbers.
Varunavi Customer