Branding a Unique Film Production Team

Creating a brand experience which differentiates the Amplify team from all other do-it-all vendors
A comprehensive brand definition and culture guideline to help the brand stand apart from the rest.
India’s first production house exclusively for events
There were two major concerns: first, to highlight that Amplify is an ultra-specialized agency; second, we had to ensure that the brand story communicated clearly that Amplify was not just any team of videographers, they were event 'filmmakers'.
Decoding the DNA
A team of youngsters who were creators
Team Amplify was trying to do something no one in India had done before. They realized the potential in the MICE and other events industries and disrupted the video content production space successfully by treating each event as a documentary film.
We were a bunch of hard-working street-smart youngsters who were not happy with just documenting events. We wanted to narrate them through our films.
Naren Datta
COO, Amplify

Team Amplify started as an extension of Raasta Studios, by then a reputed video content production company in Hyderabad. Since events formed a large part of their daily gigs, they realized that opening a separate company and branding themselves as event filmmakers would give them an extra edge in the booming events sector in India. Their purpose was to amplify the reach and value of every event they captured, hence they started calling themselves AMPLIFY.

Prepping Up

A little raw, a little niche

That is what the video production industry in Hyderabad looked like around the time Amplify came into being.

Our vision about the company was clear. We needed to create a brand identity, following the 'creator' archetype, which would not only help Amplify build a consistent customer-centric culture but also aid them in standing out physically when they landed up at a public event.

We wanted to make sure that the youthful vibe of Amplify team does not get lost in the process of establishing their skill and expertise.

At the same time, we had to ensure that Amplify does not come across as frivolous. They were after all extremely serious about what they do and how they come across.

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Brand Sprint
What described filmmakers best?
This was one question that haunted us. We wanted to give Amplify an identity which highlights them as filmmakers. So we went with that one thing that describes cinema best: the clapboard.
Brand Strategy
What would make them stand out?
We started with the basic assumptions that Team Amplify held close to their heart: they were filmmakers and they were going to do something that no one did before. They were here to tell stories of events.
From these assumptions, we tried to build the values they would espouse. Their brand philosophy, therefore, revolved around their conviction in them being the pioneersin turning events into films.
Their tagline thus followed: Lights. Events. Camera., echoing the iconic cinematic ritual of uttering Lights. Camera. Action. before every clap of the clapboard.

Visual organisation structures and processes(hard to decipher)


Strategies, goals, Philosophies (espoused justifications)


Unconscious, taken for granted beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and feelings (ultimate source of values and action

Team Amplify saw events through the creative lens of a filmmaker. We wanted to revolve the brand story around this difference.
Ram Sunkara
Principal Designer
Visual Identity
A Monochrome Palette with a Difference
As a creative agency with a 'creator' archetype, it was imperative that Amplify looked different. We went for a combination of order and chaos, reminiscent of the desk of an artist. The neatness in the visual style was limited to the use of geometric patterns, grids, symmetrical lines etc. while the rest of any visual elements could be freely improvised upon.
As a service provider agency, we wanted to make sure that Amplify's palette is not stronger than that of their clients. Going monochrome was our first choice, but on second thoughts, we introduced a shy green colour taking inspiration from the legal paper envelopes, along with charcoal grey. We also left a 2-5% allowance of red colour just to add a bit of contrast.
We introduced the playful use of certain objects in the marketing communications of Amplify, as a representative element of the event they are filming.
Digital Presence
AMPLIFY amplified online.
Following the visual guidelines of using grids and geometric patterns, we started designing the website with a 8-bar grid, taking inspiration from the Fibonacci series. All the content, headers, elements on the website were situated along the grid lines.
Keeping in mind the importance of speaking visually to the clients, we made extensive use of videos and gifs. Additionally, our use of grids, also highlighted the amplifying waves of any noise.
One brand, one team, one look
No matter where team Amplify goes, they are one in their use of the crew uniforms and other brand products. This not only exhibits their professionalism but also makes it easy for them to stand apart as crew members during any event.
At the heart of team Amplify, the founders wanted to inculcate a sense of belonging which would in turn help every member of the team to take ownership of what they were doing.
So it was important for us to try to define a brand culture which the young members of Team Amplify would relate to and be happy to embrace and carry forward.
We introduced the ritual of using the clapboard at the start of every event as part of the brand culture so that everyone remembers that they are here to make a film.
Ramya Kadiyala
Brand Manager

We were a new entrant in the video market in Hyderabad with an extremely niche specialization. Team Whitenoise has done a wonderful job and given us a truly unique identity.
Prem Kumar Clent